If you need photography and/or video, including live streaming for a conference or seminar then I can provide both if required. I have experienced photographers and videographers that I work with regularly who are part of the team should you need both video and photography together or perhaps you want a multicamera video shoot or more than one photographer is required.

Photography and video for events such as conferences often need to be turned around quickly and work with the events and PR teams to ensure they get the turnaround they need, this can include send photos as we shoot and if need be shortly after the event or turned around overnight.


Capturing a conference or seminar means different things to different people and as photographer I have to take that into account throughout the day. Delegates often want photographs to remember the event whereas marketing and PR want images they can use to promote the event, in some instances they are the same. PR are after more immediate photographs for the press or for social media that has to be done there and then and often send images straight to them as I shoot. An events team will be looking to promote what they do. I am aware of all of these and take these into consideration and often find myself delivering different photos to different people. It is also about getting the priority right.

PR teams often want to be tweeting photographs as a conference is taking place, they often use their mobile phones to grab some photographs, I do offer the option to take a wireless feed straight out of my camera so that the team can use the images I get as I take them. This has proven useful at big events as I am able to get in closer especially if the PR team are in the audience. Their followers do notice.

I also use remote control cameras when necessary to get vantage points that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

Whatever you need I am happy to discuss and create something that will work for you.

Click here to see more photographs from conferences and seminars.


Video and Live Streaming

When people present at a conference or seminar they often have a presentation that goes with it and want this included side by side with the speaker in shot too. This is something I have been doing for quite some time and have a system that allows me to merge these together so that they can be turned around quickly or included in a live stream. I can also do this by live streaming over the internet. If you need it videoed and mixed together so that it can be made available then the same system that allows it to be streamed can be used.

When covering events the focus might be on the presentations but also capture the event during breaks and work with you to capture vox pops of attendees and presenters which are very useful for promoting the event.

Here is one example of a video from a conference, click here to see more examples.