Conferences and Live Streaming - On-Site and Online

Demand for events such as conferences has changed since March 2020 with many of us reverting to online and used our experience with live streaming and remote working to help with this new way of holding events.

As some events are returning to on-site there is now a growing need to combine the live event with an online audience or remote speakers, a hybrid event.

We have been working on hybrid events, even before the lockdowns as travel became restricted.

The hybrid event does require more planning and potentially rehearsals and we are here to help.

Here is what we can offer you for online, live and hybrid events.

Online Event - Webinars

Webinars have been popular for a while but took on a whole new life with the pandemic. This allowed many to stay connected to their audience but also expand to a wider audience. Now that live events are starting to happen I'm sure many want to stay in touch with their new audience too, more about that in hybrid events.

Online events can take different formats and there are many different platforms depending on your needs and budget. For many Zoom is popular as it seems so many are familiar with it and it is easy to connect to either on you computer, smartphone or tablet. There are options for meetings, webinars and breakout rooms.

What we offer (as the technology changes and also the various options you might not see something here but do check with us):

  • Helping choose the platform for delivering the event and setting it up for you.
  • Advising on the timetable, there are factors to consider such as a global audience.
  • Creating or editing recordings to use for the event. Some create their own, others need editing and then there are those who want us to record it, either in person or online. We can help either way.
  • Rehearsals. These are useful for checking connections, audio and video settings. It helps also to talk through what happens at the event.
  • Graphics and countdown clocks. We can create these or work with your designers to get the best results.
  • Recording and editing the presentations for you to make available on your website later or just to archive.
  • Running the event and providing technical support on the day.

Live streaming, video and Hybrid events

These can vary depending on your needs. Live streaming is broadcasting the event from a location with any interactions usually limited to chat and social media like Twitter to comment or ask questions.

When mentioning either live streaming or hybrid event here it includes videoing an event. Videoing can be standalone if live streaming is not required.

Both live streaming and hybrid events can include one or multiple cameras, it is also possible to connect to the presentation on screen for your online audience.

Finding the right location for both live streaming and hybrid events can be difficult, it is possible to have a backdrop of your choosing by using a green screen to substitute whatever background you like. This can also be used to "project" the speakers presentations so they are overlayed in front of it. Similar to news presentations and weather forecasts. The speaker can see their presentation and how they look projected on to it. They can use a remote clicker to move through slides if they have them.

Hybrid events can include many different options, some of which are included here and can discuss with you what would work best for you. Hybrid events are evolving and work with you, the event organisers and the venue to deliver what you need.

Options include:

  • Live streaming with remote speakers, remote speakers are seen and head along with their presentations to both the online and live audience
  • Live streaming with remote audience, allows audience members to be brought in so they can be heard and/or seen by both online and live audience.
  • Live streaming with remote speakers and audience, same as first two mentioned above but combining both.
  • Live streaming with remote speakers and online audience interacting through online chat or Q&A. This can be moderated by chair.
  • Recorded content can help with transitions and also as a backup for remote speakers. We can help create that content.

Where remote speakers are used it is highly recommended to have a rehearsal.


Here is one example of a video from a conference, click here to see more examples.



For events that are happening on site photography is another important way to capture your event, although have done group shots for online events too!

As well as taking photographs myself I also have other photographers I work with where the event requires more than one person to cover it.

I can cover photography from small events through to large events. Here you can see me at St Paul's Cathedral capturing the moment.

Click here to see more photographs from conferences and seminars.