If you want to learn more about video and photography then come back to this page as I regularly update it sharing my experience with you. Please do drop me a line if there is something you would like me to add and I will try and ge that done.

When you watch this video you will not think that this is a photo you would think is low light but you might be surprised. The same principles apply when trying to get that shot in low light.

This simple trick will make the photos and video you take with your smartphone look that much better.
Once you know this trick to panning you will notice that panning will look better.
If you have an iPhone and an Apple Watch then do what I do and use the Apple Watch as a remote control to get those selfies on your iPhone. The watch give you a preview before pressing the button, there is a the option to give yourself a few seconds to pose just right,  and you can use the watch to zoom in and out. Check out how it works in this video and then give it a go yourself.

What is a gimbal?

A gimbal in video and photography is a camera stabiliser allowing you do to steady and smooth handheld video. These are great for vlogging or for when you want to hand hold. It is also useful for photography too as it does panoramas really easily too.

It also does time-lapse, active tracking and can be controlled using gestures.

Here I am using the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 that I can just attach my iPhone too but this model can use other smartphones.