I have been making videos for 25 years and for the past 10 years working on many education projects including videos to promote courses and disseminate news within the education sector. 

My work includes promotional, corporate, education and conferences.

People are in a hurry to get their work and a large part of what I do is having to turnaround videos in very tight deadlines.

The videos below are just a handful of work.

Demo Reel

This is a very quick look at some of the work I have done recently. Most people here have not been on camera, certainly not doing this kind of thing. I do film to suit people and their personality and presentation style. I don't believe in making someone uncomfortable and this results in people being comfortable on camera when they weren't expecting to be.

Interview with Keynote Speaker to Promote Teaching and Learning Conference

Drapers - Anne Morrison - BAFTA v2 from Gary Schwartz on Vimeo.

This promotional video for the Drapers' Teaching and Learning Conference featured an interview of the keynote speaker Anne Morrison, the chair of BAFTA. Formerly the director for BBC Academy, Anne has extensive knowledge about education and here she shares her thoughts on the current topics about education.


Global Health Course Introduction

Like many people I video, Dr Jonathan Filippon had never been on camera before. This is something that happens all the time and do have ways to help people with feeling comfortable. Jonathan used a teleprompter which can help but is not the only solution. You will see there are other shots, known as cut aways, that are used to help edit it together. That way you don't need to remember everything in one go.

After Trauma

This video is one of a series about survivors or trauma, Josh Robertson is a young comedian who tells us his story. The project also included photography sessions.


Launch of Mile End Institute

Interview with Professor Mike Kenny at launch of the Mile End Institute.


The Alice Look - Alice in Wonderland and Fashion

Alice in Wonderland has been a significant influence on the world of fashion. An exhibition about Alice in Wonderland and fashion was on display at the Museum of Childhood in 2015


Tots Too

Tots Too is a travel company that specialises in holidays for families, particularly for young children. They made a series of videos to answer questions about some of the more popular resorts that they recommend.


Recruitment Video for Materials Science