Video is so much more accessible than ever before, both in the ability to make it and to watch it. It is an extremely popular medium and is not just a great way of creating entertainment and documentaries but it has become essential in education and a great way to promote yourself or your business online.

From my experience I can tell you that video has been a great way to promote myself and also other businesses. I also know a fair bit about creating videos for education having created over 1,000 videos including in medical education.

Screencasting, recording your computer screen,  is another form of videoing and has become a popular choice in education and business.

I run scheduled courses and also can tailor make them, do on a one to one or group basis. If you need to teach your staff how to create videos then get in touch to talk about creating courses just for you.

There are so many option now with how to make video from your iPhone and iPad to a DSLR camera.

One hour seminar on choosing the best option for creating video for you. Which camera to choose and what your editing options are.


Create Video with a DSLR

A DSLR camera, normally associated with taking stills photographs, is an excellent video camera. Even the moderately priced cameras produce amazing results. DSLRs are popular so if you are looking to create good quality video it is likely you may already have the camera to do it or easily get your hands on one.

In this hands on one day course you will learn how to use the camera and some tips and tricks to get good quality video.

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Create video with your iPhone or iPad

These devices have really good cameras built in to them and are more than capable of creating good videos.

Create Video with a Video Camera

This might seem really obvious and many seem to have forgotten that video cameras have advantages over a DSLR, iPhone or iPad. Here we will look at creating videos taking advantage of what you can do with a "real" video camera.

Introduction to Video Editing

Creating Screen Recordings with Camtasia