If you want to do a live stream whether it be an event, public lecture or class then there are many ways to do it. The lockdown opened up opportunities to do this using Zoom and Microsoft Teams. It got us all thinking about new ways to run events and conferences.

Many important announcements and events are now live streamed, the UK government does this for its daily coronavirus briefings using the same live streaming software I use. You have probably watched a lot of things being live streamed during this time including NASA recently flying a crew to the International Space Station which was the most watched event during the pandemic. NASA has been live streaming for years.

If you are considering live streaming with social distancing in place you might want to consider the options available and that is what I have been helping people with. Will public lectures and announcements continue to be run fully online or will you have your speakers at a venue where it is easy to maintain social distancing and interacting online with your audience. Perhaps it will have a mix of speakers at a venue with some remote. All of these and other options are available and can help you come up with the best solution for you.

If you want to learn how to live stream then you can book on to one of my courses or I can run a bespoke session for you and/or your team. You can find out more on my training page, click here for more information.


What we do:

  • Live stream either single or multiple camera events.
  • Capture the presentations to appear in the live stream, mixed with cameras including split screen.
  • Setup all the logo, titles and captions to appear just like a broadcast.
  • Include pre-recorded video into the live event.
  • Create pre-recorded video. Pre-recorded video is useful for your online audience to watch before the event starts and can help with promoting what you are doing and future events.
  • Help you setup your channel.
  • Provide statistics.
  • Help and advise on promoting your live stream.
  • We record the video from each camera individually should there be any editing required later.