How to Film a Conference, Hybrid Event or Webinar

Whether it is a single or multiple camera setup there are things you need to get right to record a successful conference or webinar.

There can be a lot going on and perhaps even some live streaming or remote speakers.

This is hands on and will setup and record a simulate speaker and their presentation. You will also learn to sychronise the cameras and presentations in editing

Duration: 1 day


  • Preparation for the event
  • Camera and equipment choice
  • Setting up the camera or cameras
  • Positioning the cameras
  • Recording the presentations from the laptop
  • Recording the sound
  • Connecting to the sound desk
  • Using microphones on the presenters
  • Camera techniques
  • Things to consider with remote speakers
  • Managing remote speakers
  • Working with the AV team
  • Live streaming basics*
  • Editing: synchronising the cameras and recorded presentations
  • Editing the footage
  • Exporting the edited footage


*If you want to know more about live streaming take a look at the live streaming course that might be more suitable.