Gary Schwartz
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Based in London I've been creating videos and taking photographs for over 30 years.

Want to learn photography, video or live streaming then have a look at my training page.

Webinars and online conferences have proved a popular way to deal with restrictions in during the current pandemic. Thanks to tools like Zoom and Skype people have been able to stay in touch and run events. From day one of the lockdown in the UK we have been helping run events on these platforms using the many years of experience in live streaming.

My education website has videos to help from getting started with Zoom to other tips and tricks that will help you have successful meetings and online events.

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Rites of Passage

If you are looking for the photographs and video from Barts and The London Rites of Passage please click here

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Consultant and visuals effects for The Living Thames, Charity Film Awards Winner 2019